New Decks

Black Butterfly Playing Cards

Butterfly Playing Cards are back, combining the highest manufacturing quality with the pinnacle of l..

James Bond Playing Cards

Whether it’s his perfectly tailored suit or the impeccable timepiece clasped to his wrist, Mr. Bond ..

597 Playing Cards

Joker and the Thief embarks in a new direction with the Five Ninety-Sevens! Made for everyday use a..

Legends 353: Celtic Playing Cards

The 353 Celtic Edition from Legends features artwork by Stuart Palm, Pre-Crushed Master Finish card ..

Legends Chromatic Playing Cards

The Chromatic edition from Legends showcases expert cold foiling techniques and features a back desi..

VHS 1982 Holographic Playing Cards

The foiled out cards are now encased in an equally flashy holographic foiled tuck case! A nostalgic ..

Virtuoso P1 Playing Cards FEBRUARY PRE-ORDER

UPDATE: This deck will not be available to despatch until late February. The very first special..

Black Antler Playing Cards

Antler Playing Cards embody the majestic beauty of the great outdoors. Now in their sixth edition, t..

FALCON Playing Cards

FALCON is the sequel to COBRA. Illustrated by Ade Suryana, FALCON takes everything you love about th..

Deck Sleeves

Introducing our very own DS1s. Produced by carat cases and branded with our logo, deck sleeves are t..

Seafarers Submariner Playing Cards

Introducing a new black version of the Joker and the Thief’s Seafarers Playing Cards. From the darke..

Cohorts Ghost Playing Cards

This vintage casino style deck was designed with simplicity in mind. From the classic court cards to..

Handmade Puzzles

Secret Puzzle Box: IV

This is a new type of secret box, traditional secret boxes have only 4 plates on the surface that mo..

Karakuri Egg Puzzle Box

A beautifully crafted, Karakuri puzzle box handmade by Akio Kamei in Japan. Made from the finest che..

Ocvalhedron Puzzle

The Ocvalhedron Puzzles from VIN & CO are made from plum, elm, cherry and maple (#13) and&n..

Drawer With A Tree Puzzle Box

Crafted by Hiroshi Iwahara, the direction of the tree is important. If you succeed, the two lines co..

Desktop Distractions

CMY Cube

Designed by Keiichi Miyazaki and made in Japan, the 4cm CMY cube is a transparent cube col..

Square Wave Kinetic Toy

A gorgeous stress relieving kinetic sculpture inspired by math and the Fibonacci sequence. Square wa..

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Sculpture

A museum grade decorative art object. Produced by BTS, this the slightly smaller desktop 2.0 ve..

DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar System Set

Handcrafted from nine different gems and minerals, experience the beauty of the solar system everyda..


Huzzle Nutcase Puzzle

There are two goals to the Cast Nutcase created by the Dutch puzzle inventor, Oskar:  1. Remov..

Huzzle Snow Puzzle

The latest addition to the Huzzle range, Snow consists of a cool maze system created with the theme ..

Huzzle Vortex Puzzle

The Vortex is a level 6 Hanayama puzzle and consists of three pieces each have a spiral (vortex) bod..

Huzzle News Puzzle

The story behind the inspiration for this puzzle would give away the solution! The key word for this..

Unique Dice

Resin Wood Dice

Resin wood is a beautiful and elegant manufacturing technique, which in recent times has become very..

Casino Grade Craps Dice

These precision craps dice measure 19mm by 19mm by 19mm and are available in 5 vibrant colours. Each..

AKO Dice

"Another Kind Of Dice" are custom metal die with a unique concept. AKO Dice utilise a rede..

Handmade Leather Dice Tray

Crafted from a premium Italian leather which feels soft and smooth, handmade in Chicago and in easy ..

Precision Spinning Tops

ForeverSpin™ Spinning Base

Every Spinning Top that leaves our hands to become part of your life - and we mean every single one ..

ForeverSpin™ Spinning Tops

Every Spinning Top that leaves our hands to become part of your life - and we mean every single one ..

VORSO MK1 Spinning Tops

For those who require a performance upgrade; if you're all about spin times this is the one for you...

Spartan Spinning Top

Spartan is the first top designed by puzzler maker, Felix Ure. A spinning top designed purely to max..