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Handcrafted from nine different gems and minerals, experience the beauty of the solar system everyday from your desk. A faithful recreation of our solar system (including Pluto) using the highest quality gem stones that we can lay our hands on.

The result is DeskSpace - a unique and innovative gift that is handcrafted with love and polished to perfection. Ever since we were children, most of us have marvelled at the stars and wondered what it would be like to be closer to them. DeskSpace gives us that small reminder of our place in the universe with a set of gemstones that are both beautiful and stylish.

If you like to stand out from the crowd and have something that’s a little different from the typical Newton’s Cradle, DeskSpace is a great desk accessory. With its own rectangular stand, this tactile set sits on the desk, mantelpiece or window sill. Kids will love it too and it might just start a conversation about the wonders of space. Included in your gem stone set is a high quality book with some intriguing and fun facts about the planets.

In designing the DeskSpace planet set, months were spent sourcing the best materials that would showcase the unique beauty of each planet.  In the process of gathering the correct materials for DeskSpace, we worked hard to make sure that the stones we chose represented each planet perfectly. Details can be found on the gemstone specifications tab. 

MERCURY: Labradorite is found in igneous rocks, both plutonic and volcanic. Labradorite ((Na,Ca)₁₋₂Si₃₋₂ O₈), a sodium-rich plagioclase feldspar which displays a particular type of iridescence on a dark ground.

VENUS: Nephrite (Ca₂(Mg,Fe)₅Si₈O₂₂ (OH)₂,), a variety of the calcium, magnesium, and iron rich amphibole minerals tremolite or actinolite, mostly known for its green varieties.

EARTH: Sodalite (Na₈Al₆Si₆O₂₄ Cl₂), a sodium aluminium silicate chloride in the Sodalite group with an isometric crystal system. Its royal blue forms are the best known. As a mineral, it is a principal component of lapis lazuli.

MARS: Mahogany Obsidian (SiO₂), a volcanic glass which contains undulating parts of oxidised Hematite or Magnetite, which are usually coloured mahogany brown or brick red within a black-coloured base material.

JUPITER: Tiger’s Eye (SiO₂), a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown colour lustre. It is formed when the Quartz takes over and dissolves the Crocodolite, leaving the Quartz in a finely fibrous and chatoyant form.

SATURN: Calcite (CaCO₃), a carbonate mineral, one of the most common minerals occurs in a great variety of shapes and colours, and it constitutes a major portion of many of the earth’s rocks.

URANUS: Amazonite (KAlSi₃O₈), a mineral of limited occurrence. Formerly it was obtained almost exclusively in the Ilmensky Mountains. For many years, the source of Amazonite’s colour was a mystery.

NEPTUNESynthetic Cat’s Eye, glass material exhibits a rare optical trait known as chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is the unique ability to reflect light in a way that resembles the slit eye of a cat, hence the name ‘cat’s eye’.

PLUTO: Heliotrope (SiO₂), also known as bloodstone, is a variety of jasper or chalcedony (which is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz).

Three designers who all have three things in common - a love of design, a fascination with space and jobs that keep us tied to our desks. We wanted to create a desktop accessory that brought together our design skills with our interests. Something that would allow us to have a small vision of how our home environment sits within the universe. We wanted it to be sleek and sophisticated, to be tactile and beautiful and to make people interested in what lies beyond the desk in front of them.

With our backgrounds in technical design, we knew that our creation would need to be accurate, but moreover it needed to interpret the solar system in a way that brought about emotion and a lasting feel. DeskSpace needed substance. And so, the search for the right materials began.

Our search was for a desk accessory that fulfilled our personal needs and we truly believe that our creation will fulfill the needs of others too. Each and every one of us has a small connection with the skies. Bringing that into your office through our timeless and classic accessory is more than just a chance to own something beautiful - it is an opportunity to reconnect with the universe.

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