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Virtuoso Playing Cards Spring Summer Edition

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Virtuoso Playing Cards Spring Summer 2014 Edition

Card flourishing is a visual art form, where 52 playing cards come to life in the hands of an artist. Unfortunately, one problem has always plagued the art: decks aren't designed with card flourishing in mind. In fact, most decks have back designs that actually diminish how card flourishes look.

In motion, intricate back designs become a faded blur, while the tiny graphics on simple designs vanish. Decks with repeating patterns become a clump of camouflage when fanned, and displays look like a formless mess. After more than a decade of frustration, we decided to take things into our own hands and design a deck that would take every card flourish to its full potential.


With the Virtuoso deck's Adaptive Aesthetics and new ultra-thin borders (now 32% thinner), a single fan is all it takes to make a roomful of people stop and watch in silent awe. When fanned, the cards form a sweeping arc of spikes and triangles, making your fans look massive and strikingly gorgeous. With more cards, the design produces vibrant bands of color that perfectly complement the flow of every spread.

Change the color of your deck

The Virtuoso deck gives you the powerful of two decks at your finger tips, allowing you to instantly change the color of your cards whenever you like. Spread one way, and the cards display a sweeping arc of blue blades. Spread it the other, and the cards morph into a circle of contrasting fins.


Most back designs consist of small details that get smaller as a card flourish gets bigger. On the other hand, the Virtuoso deck's back design is made up of large shapes and long lines that form a more powerful image when put together.

The multi-directional shapes conform to any direction the packets are in and intersect to form a prism of smaller shapes. The extending lines also make your card flourishes appear to expand outwards. This way, the smallest flourishes you do look incredibly visual from across the room, and the biggest ones become truly epic.

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