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We've always been interested in the elements, and fascinated by the periodic table. Element Cubes are a fun, and attention-grabbing way of collecting the elements. These 10mm cubes are available in some of your favourite metals, and look great as a shelf display! Luciteria is located in Washington State, USA and produces collectible Element cubes with a purity of over 99.5% guaranteed (some are as close as 99.9%). 

In engineering density cubes serve as references against which to test target metals of unknown purity. As normally available for sale they are rather crude and functional. Luciteria has turned this little niche into art with smooth precision-cut facets replacing rough-sawn sides and a neat laser engraved label letting you know at a glance which element you're holding. All are made to exacting tolerances and ship in foam sleeves to protect the beautifully parallel edges and corners. From the lightest of metals like magnesium and aluminum to the heaviest like tungsten.

Each purchase is for one10mm cube only (pictured are other sizes also) and are strictly for ages 14 or older, these cubes are small and can be swallowed easily by children.

Aluminium - To really appreciate how special aluminium is - a metal typically appreciated only by streetside recyclers - you should hold it next to one of the heavier cubes of the same size like tungsten. Compared this way they feel almost immaterial, like you could toss it in the air and it would float, The whitest of all the metals. Silver is more reflective but side by side silver appears, well, silvery where aluminum looks white, white, white. Of course, when highly polished those distinctions disappear - we're talking about appearance as normally encountered. Copper - Nature's only red metal. Copper is delicate. Avoid touching it with your bare hands. The oils and acids will stain it permanently. Titanium - What's more valuable than gold and platinum? Titanium, if you go by credit card marketers who apparently figure this must be the ultimate mark of exclusivity. In truth, titanium is dirt common. Sand common to be more exact. Go to any beach and a handful of sand is bound to have some rutile which is titanium's main ore. If there was any doubt about it being a common metal consider that hundreds of thousands of tons of titanium  each year wind up in.... wait for it.... paint cans! Titanium oxide is what gives paint its opaque body. A perfect white for hospital halls and, of course, every wall in every house and building since all paints start out as white and are turned into all the colours of the rainbow only after dyes are swirled in.

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