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HexCross Puzzle

The HexCross puzzle from VIN & CO comprises an exquisite combination of elm, ash and walnut..

Double Desk Box Puzzle

Exquisitely crafted in the Czech Republic, The Double Desk box comprises 4 pieces and measures 80mm ..

Heblo Puzzle

The Heblo puzzle from VIN & CO is made from three beautiful woods - acacia, maple and plum...

Bicone Puzzle

The Bicone puzzle from VIN & CO is made from maple and plum.  The aim is to take the puzzle..

Flowers Puzzle

Flowers is a stunning hand made series of puzzles from VIN & CO in the Czech Republic. Comprisin..

Ocvalhedron Puzzle

The Ocvalhedron Puzzles from VIN & CO are made from plum, elm, cherry and maple (#13) and&n..

Halfcubes Puzzle

Quality handmade wooden puzzles created by Vaclav OBSIVAC in the Czech Republic. The halfcubes serie..

Double Puzzle Box

A beautifully crafted, Karakuri puzzle box handmade by Akio Kamei in Japan. The 'double box' is a re..

Huzzle Arrows Puzzle

Separate the 2 parts and put back to start! This Huzzle release was designed with 4 arrows pier..

Huzzle S & S Puzzle

Based on original puzzles from Britain’s famous puzzle period, this is one that has been successfull..

Huzzle Violin Puzzle

Patented in America in 1965, this puzzle was originally created by Joseph L. Litle. The idea to..

New Secret Puzzle Box II

This is a new type of secret box, traditional secret boxes have only 4 plates on the surface that mo..

Cassiopeia Puzzle Box

A beautifully crafted, Karakuri puzzle box handmade by Akio Kamei in Japan. Made from the finest wal..

Huzzle Delta Puzzle

Formed by joining three separate pieces that mesh with each other. The brain-child of Hong Kong nati..

Huzzle Trinity Puzzle

The Huzzle Trinity by Hanayama is a puzzle that interlocks each piece with the two other pieces via ..

Can You Solve Me? Tangram Puzzle

Unleash your inner curiosity with this 12 tangram puzzle gift set. With each tangram puzzle providin..

Huzzle H & H Puzzle

This is quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created.These puzzles are hopeles..

Huzzle Laby Puzzle

Separate the two pieces and put them back together.This is quite simply the most inspiring collectio..

Huzzle Enigma Puzzle

The Hanayama range has been painstakingly designed and developed over more than a quarter of a centu..

Huzzle Dot Puzzle

Can you take it apart the three pieces and assemble them again?  Regularly aligned dots f..

Huzzle Quartet Puzzle

As always, separate the pieces and put them back together!  The keyword for this lev..

Huzzle Marble Puzzle

Take it apart and assemble it again! This level 5 puzzle has such a beautiful shape that ..

Huzzle Baroq Puzzle

Separate the 2 parts and put back to start! This Akio Yamamoto creation consists of two pieces fash..

Huzzle Dial Puzzle

Solve the puzzle by turning the dials on both sides (front and back). The solution requires more tha..

Huzzle Coil Puzzle

It appears to be a box-like lump with a hole, but it's actually comprised of 2 coiled up (virtually)..

Huzzle O ́Gear Puzzle

A prize winner from the 2001 1st Annual World Puzzle Design Competition, this level 3 Hanayama puzzl..

Huzzle U & U Puzzle

Can you take it apart and assemble it again?  Two U-shaped bolts and four nuts - this loo..

Huzzle Harmony Puzzle

Can you take it apart and assemble it again? The “G clef” and “eighth note” intertwine and giv..

Huzzle Radix Puzzle

Can you take it apart and assemble it again? The Radix is a level 5 Hanayama puzzle known for ..

Huzzle Donuts Puzzle

Cast Donuts has beautifully shaped rings that look like 2 donuts intertwined together. Try solvin..

Huzzle Elk Puzzle

Separate the elks and put them back together! At the end of the 19th century, Britain experien..

Huzzle Cylinder Puzzle

As you may expect, there is a trick hidden inside the cylinder puzzle.There is absolutely no hint or..

Huzzle Coaster Puzzle

Designed by Serhiy Grabarchuk, a famous Ukrainian designer who lives in Uzhgorod, This level 4 puzzl..

Huzzle Chain Puzzle

Separate the 3 parts and put back together! No force needed! There’s a whole world of wisdom w..

Huzzle Nutcase Puzzle

There are two goals to the Cast Nutcase created by the Dutch puzzle inventor, Oskar:  1. Remov..

Huzzle Vortex Puzzle

The Vortex is a level 6 Hanayama puzzle and consists of three pieces each have a spiral (vortex) bod..

Huzzle Cake Puzzle

A quarter of this cake has been cut away showing three identical layers inside. This level 4 puzzle ..

Huzzle Equa Puzzle

A puzzle that takes on a ball-like shape of an astronomical model composed of a planet and a surroun..

Huzzle Padlock Puzzle

The design is evocative of a study padlock. Just pick it up and you'll quickly gain an appreciation ..

Huzzle Loop Puzzle

An award-winning design created by the young Finnish puzzle creator Vesa Timken. Vesa Timonen has co..

Something for everyone. 

This is a curated range of world class puzzles from some of the most famous puzzle designers around. Will StrijbosVaclav Obsivac and more. Whether you're new to puzzling or looking to add the top of the range puzzles to your collection, we have a puzzle for you. 

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