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Huzzle Trinity Cast Puzzle

Price: £10.99

First disassemble the parts, then reassemble to starting position, for the next victim. No instructions included!

Huzzle Trinity Cast Puzzle 

The Huzzle Trinity by Hanayama is a puzzle that interlocks each piece with the two other pieces via an elusive, organic design. There are numerous possible combinations, giving you plenty of room to enjoy some puzzling experimentation. The Delta puzzle was created by Hong Kong designer Kyoo Wong and is a level 6 brainteaser!

Hanayama is a Japanese toy company formed in 1972. They are best known for their "Cast" series of cast metal puzzles which include reproductions of older designs, and new puzzles by designers Oskar van Diventer and Akio Yamamoto. Hanayama rate their puzzles with a difficulty level ranging from 1 to 6. The difficulty increases as the number ascends. 

MaterialCast Metal
Difficulty Rating6

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