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Triangle Playing Cards

A unique release from Home Run Games. Triangle playing cards are housed in a laminated matte finish ..

1885 Andrew Dougherty No.9 Tally-Ho Playing Cards

Andrew Dougherty’s famous Tally-Ho brand started in 1885 and is still printed today. The original de..

1876 Triplicate 18 Playing Cards

Another great restoration deck from Home Run Games. This was the first dragon back, the US Playing C..

1864 Saladee's Patent Playing Cards

For over 500 years people used playing cards without indices in the corners. Then on February 9, 186..

1876 Triplicate Dragon Playing Cards

The latest project from Home Run Games is from the same family and the same year. This is another gr..

1876 Mauger Centennial Playing Cards

Victor E. Mauger was born in England and emigrated to New York in 1855. He started a business i..

1884 Murphy Varnish Playing Cards

The Murphy Varnish Transformation Playing Cards were originally printed in 1883 by Andrew Dough..

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