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Handmade Leather Dice Tray

Crafted from a premium Italian leather which feels soft and smooth, handmade in Chicago and in easy ..

Baltic Amber Dice

Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic Amber is an organic substance, a "Fossil Resin" produced by..

Resin Wood Dice

Resin wood is a beautiful and elegant manufacturing technique, which in recent times has become very..

Damascus Steel Dice

Handmade in the USA, each die is subtly unique and differs from the next. Damascus steel is forged b..

Knot Dice

Create beautiful Celtic knot designs while playing with these amazing dice. Simply connect several ..

CoDi Dice Set

Dice as we've known them have served us well for 1000's of years. Dots have been the standard way to..

Nephrite Jade Dice

Located in Washington, USA - Jade West Corp is a family run business with Jade Mines in Northern Bri..

Precision Brass Dice

These precision brass dice were machined by hand in the United Kingdom. These gorgeous D6 dice ..

Genius Dice

Boxwood uses three types of hardwood to create a standard six sided die. Dots are replaced by pieces..


"AKO Dice (Another Kind Of Dice) are custom metal die with a unique concept." Following on from..

Casino Grade Craps Dice

These precision craps dice measure 19mm by 19mm by 19mm and are available in 5 vibrant colours. Each..

Space Roller Dice: MKII

Space Roller Dice are back with a new and improved second edition. The new manufacturing method give..

AKO Dice

"Another Kind Of Dice" are custom metal die with a unique concept. AKO Dice utilise a rede..

A beautiful collection of unique dice.

From unique precision made metal dice designs such as AKO to the stunning Nephrite Jade dice mined in BC, Canada -  this collection features our personal favourites from around the globe.

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