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Banshees: Cards for Throwing

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"Banshees are the result of an unyielding attention to craftsmanship and the first ever playing cards that are the new standard to creating impact with your card throwing. A card thrower's dream, each deck includes 10 minutes of online instructions by the World Record holder in card throwing! 

Banshees: Cards for Throwing

  • Please be aware that the Banshees, compared to paper cards, are FAR more durable. They can withstand 5 times the damage that a paper card can, however they are NOT indestructible. We have been asked by Murphy's to let all our customer know that any high-impact or shock, can potentially cause the cards to crack or chip. Consumers should hang a sheet behind their target to absorb the impact if they intend on throwing them very hard.
  • It should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway - throwing cards of any type should be done with care. Be careful to aim at relevant objects only and ensure other people stay out of the way when you do!
  • Precision. Speed. Impact. Durability. A fusion of card throwing awesomeness -- with a sonic scream. Card throwers destroy dozens of decks while practicing their throwing. Banshees are engineered with a blend of high-grade plastics to maximize cutting and penetration power, all while keeping the cards extra-durable so you don't waste money on ruined cards. 
  • Banshees were conceived, developed and designed by acclaimed playing card creator Jason Brumbalow after hearing a card thrown by World Record Holder, Rick Smith Jr., make an audible whistle. This led to the idea of practice playing cards designed exclusively for throwing, that could withstand hundreds of throws, and that made an audible 'cry' when slicing through the air. But you don't have to be a major league pitcher to create an impressive sonic boom. These cards have a uniquely shaped, die-cut, set of holes, designed to optimize the signature 'scream' while ripping through the air. 
  • For those who want to keep track of their increasing stabbing power, a special measuring system is included on the faces. The edges have been bevel cut to maximise carving and penetration ability. 

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