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Carat Card Cases™

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Carat Card Cases

  • These acrylic playing card cases are perfect for keeping your deck and tuck dust-free and in great condition. These wll look great on any shelf or as a centrepiece in a collection.
  • The second run of these cases have well polished edges and include 4 rubber pad stickers to act as protection for the bottom to prevent scratches, we still have stock of the first run ONE DECK case, and will sell those initially before selling the new stock. All other sizes are stock from the second run. 
  • These playing card cases are made with 5mm thick acrylic and have strong neodymium magnets connecting a front facing removable lid. 
  • These card cases are made to measure - and fit a poker size deck perfectly! They look absolutely stunning as a part of a display for your playing card collection. 

Size & Dimensions:

  • The one deck case measures 7.9cm x 10.4cm x 3.2cm externally and the interior 6.9 cm x 9.4cm x 2.2cm. 
  • The two deck case measures 14.9cm x 10.4cm x 3.2cm and the interior 13.9 cm x 9.4cm x 2.2cm, and and includes a divider.
  • The three deck case measures 21.7cm x 10.4cm x 3.2cm and the interior 20.7cm x 9.4cm x 2.2cm, and includes two dividers. 
  • The four deck case measures 28.6 cm x 10.4cm x 3.2cm and the interior 27.6 cm x 9.4cm x 2.2cm, and includes three dividers. 
  • NEW - The six deck case is here. Housing 6 poker sized decks in horizontal position, this is a 'half brick box' size. 

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