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For those who require a performance upgrade; if you're all about spin times this is the one for you. Improved grip on the spindle, plus an upgraded ceramic tip gives you amazing performance for a spinning top of this size.

The Vorso Top is engineered to perfection, precision machined to the tightest tolerances. It's designed to defy gravity for the longest period of time possible (check out this ridiculous Youtube video of a Vorso Top standing upright once it finishes spinning) Hand finished in the UK by Vorso, these are the polished MK1 Precision Spinning Tops. Applying a knurled texture to the top of the spindle gives better grip, which in turn (pun intended) allows much more torque to be put into each spin, meaning more speed and longer times.Each piece is precision machined on state of the art CNC lathes, producing perfectly balanced components. Once machined, each section is meticulously quality checked for weight and dimension. As well as making sure every millimetre is of the correct surface standard, they are then, and only then, hand finished and assembled in the Vorso workshop in Staffordshire, England.

Ceramic or Ruby contact point? Because of the unique properties of silicon nitride, ceramic balls drastically reduce the main cause of surface wear in conventional bearings, meaning that ceramic bearings are extremely durable, they won't dent or lose their polish and because their surface finish is almost perfectly smooth they will spin longer and faster. Ceramic contact points will provide reduced friction and vibration. Ruby is visually much more appealing but is also a little more fragile, the Ruby contact point is gorgeous but there is certainly more chance of damage if dropped. If you're clumsy, always opt for the ceramic point! Watch Will Cutler of Vorso easily get an eleven minute spin with A Brass (and ceramic point) MK1 below:

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