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A new packaging design never seen before in a deck of playing cards. Complete custom faces and Cold Foil card backs, this release sets a new standard. Each deck comes sheathed in a metallic sleeve with a custom seal. The tuck box is inspired by Cigarillo packaging and engineered by our team to perfectly fit a deck of playing cards instead of mini-cigars.

Pull on the half-moon cutouts with your fingers and the tuck will slide out in a tray and hinge down, allowing you to effortlessly pull out the deck in a seamless action. This deck is one of our first to be printed on Pre-Crushed Classic Finish card stock, making it slightly more supple and smooth for cardistry lovers. Coupled with cigar inspired fonts and quirky custom faces by Graeme Reed, the deck unboxing experience puts a smile on your face.

A limited release of only 800 decks in this colour way.




Legends Playing Card Company





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