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Kagen Sound (formerly Schaefer) is a full-time artist known worldwide for his complex secret opening boxes. Kagen is the only non-Japanese member of the world's only guild of secret puzzle box makers in Japan (The karakuri Creation Group).

Kagen's Maze Box is a phenomenal piece of craftsmanship and a work of art. Comprising of a maze puzzleof which the goal is to guide a small pin to the centre in order to unlock the box. Only250 of each version of the Maze Box has been created making this an extremely limited edition. Dimensions of all boxes are 13.7cmx 7.2cm x 5.7cm, and all boxes were finished with tung oil, providing water and heat resistance. Walnut is the easy edition, Cherry the medium, Maple hard and Honeycomb is the most difficult.

This is a special order and not currently in stock, this was an in item that a customer suggested we stock and we are testing demand. Please contact us for more information. 





Walnut, Maple & Steel



Cherry, Maple & Steel



Curly Maple, Maple & Steel



Pau Amarello, Maple & Steel

Extra Hard

Kagen Sound (formerly Schaefer) is a full-time artist known for his complex secret opening boxes.
His work has received grand prize and people's choice awards numerous times in the international NobYoshigahara puzzle design competition.

He is acknowledged as a master craftsperson by the Karakuri Creation Group, the world's only guild of secret box makers in Japan.

Kagen attended Colorado College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with honours in 2000.
He currently lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Megan. They changed their last name together in 2013 after they married. "Sound" is word used to describe a person as being "sound of character" and an object being "structurally sound", something that both Megan and Kagen identify with in the work they do.

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