Galton Board: Desktop Probability Machine

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The Galton Board is a desktop probability machine which brings to life the statistical concept of normal distribution. As you rotate the Galton Board on its axis, you set into motion a flow of steel beads that bounce with equal probability to the left or right through several rows of pegs. As the beads accumulate in the bins, they approximate the bell curve, as shown by the yellow line on the front of the Galton board.

This hands-on Galton Board allows you to visualise the order embedded in the chaos of randomness. You can see some other examples of normal distribution and probability on the Galton Board website. 

Measuring 7.5” by 4.5”, this desktop probability machine is the perfect gift for physics lovers or just as a unique desktop toy.

Four Pines Publishing creates and distributes educational materials for children and adults. Our various instruments, books, films, kits, paintings, and library of vintage books contribute to our mission of educating people about statistics, science, mathematics and investing. These various projects are authored, produced, designed and directed by many talented professionals under the supervision Mark T. Hebner, founder and President of Four Pines Publishing.

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