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Deadeyes Contact Coins

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Deadeyes Contact Coins

We’ve started calling these “contact coins” because they lend themselves to a style of manipulation that resembles contact juggling. On the surface, the Deadeyes look like just a refined worry stone made from metal, and they certainly serve well for that. They are precisely crafted and beautifully finished, with an ergonomic indent on either side that is perfect for thumbs of any size. As you’d expect from AO2, there’s more to it than that. The concave shape and resulting ridge around the perimeter make the Deadeyes perfect for contact-style manipulation. With practice, they coins can be made to roll fluidly between the fingers, or back and forth over the thumbs, and isolations can be performed where the coins appear to be floating around the fingertips.

Deadeyes are available in assorted metals, we are currently only stocking the larger more popular edition measuring 37mm in diameter.  The weights are as follows:

  • Titanium large: 24g
  • Titanium small: 13g
  • Copper large: 47g
  • Copper small: 25g
  • Brass large: 45g
  • Brass small: 24g
  • Stainless steel large: 42g
  • Stainless steel small: 22g

Please note on the sand blasted and machine finished models, there are apparent machining lines. The sandblasted pieces have a distinctive circle midway down the concave slope, and a small circle at the centre where the concave flattens out. These are clearly visible, but only slightly perceptible to the touch (if at all). These ridges do not detract from the play, but they will be noticeable upon inspection. If you are looking for something that is completely free of blemishes, then the mirror polished pieces have you covered.

Brand AroundSquare
Type Skill Toy
Material Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel or Titanium.

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