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Superior Brand Playing Cards: Classic Back

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"These are your new go-to playing cards"

Superior Brand Playing Cards: Classic Back 

These are your new go-to playing cards. They handle wonderfully and are traditionally cut for perfect weave shuffles. Very resilient, yet with a splendid ease of use. The bricks are available in Blue, Black, and Red, so you can get the combinations you need for all your favorite tricks.

Superior Brand is a new series of cards that will encompass a large range of variations. There will be different finishes, and colours of the same back design, different back designs, gaffed decks and cards and more.

This iteration is focused on a classic design and feel. These cards are great value for money, and feature all the qualities that most card handlers look for in their day to day card work. Featuring the classic finish which has become so popular (our own LUXX® Elliptica is a good example). Classic stock was developed by Lawrence Sullivan at Legends Playing Card Co.

Each tuck case is made with a special synthetic paper that will last and last. It is tear resistant, resilient, and will help protect your cards from moisture.

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