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Serpentine Playing Cards

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"Introducing Serpentine, a new classically themed line of playing cards from LPCC. We discovered a 100+ year-old pinochle deck at The World of Playing Cards and fell in love with the classic back artwork and gorgeous faces. With help from collector and playing card lover Ken Lodge, we tracked down the original artwork."

Serpentine Playing Cards

  • Our artists re-worked the back design and converted all the files so they were print-ready, as well as adding special touches like new pips and a custom Ace and Joker illustrated by Stuart Palm.
  • At LPCC we are always experimenting with new production methods, printing, and packaging. We printed Serpentine at a new factory on traditionally cut European card stock, with precise printing registration. Though the cards don't have the exact same buttery smooth edges as some of our previous decks, the cards faro easily, and our new Emerald Finish has a great snap and feel in-between our stiffer Diamond Finish and softer Classic Finish.
  • The cards have more of a "paper" feeling to them than Diamond Finish, yet are still durable and resist warping in humid or arid climates. In short, a fantastic handling deck at a competitive price point.
  • Being a first edition, we printed a limited run of 1,000 decks in each color, a classic slate blue and terra cotta red, chosen to emulate the look of a classic deck of playing cards.

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