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Pagan Playing Cards: Limited Edition Blue

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Limited Edition Blue Pagan Playing Cards

Continuing the tradition of the diptych ad card that Uusi originated in the playing card market, thr final Limited Edition printing of the Pagan playing card series has the black wolves, "Geri" & "Freki" painted on them.  The wolves are taken from Norse mythology where they are said to accompany the Norse god, Odin.  Their names, Geri and Freki both mean "the ravenous" or "greedy one" and the pair's origins have often been connected to beliefs surrounding Germanic "wolf-warrior bands"  where they were said to roam the battlefields "greedy for the corpses of those who have fallen in battle."   

From the impish young joker that starts the deck to the ravenous wolves at it's end, Pagan is an ode to the epic and yet, everyday reality of life and death all wrapped up in one very handsome, and fun to play with deck! 

  • A limited edition run of 3000, made in the USA and printed by the United States Playing Card Company.
  • Consisting of 52 playing cards / 2 jokers - 2 signature, illustrated uusi ad cards that form a diptych
  • All imagery in this deck was hand-painted by artist and designer, Linnea Gits, using traditional oils 
  • luxurious, heavy paper stock and gold foil embossing on tuck. 

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