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NobleSpin VIRTU™ Spinners

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Proudly based in Austin, Texas, in the heart of the United States of America. NobleSpin produce world-class fidget spinners!

NobleSpin VIRTU™ Spinners

All spinners come with the NobleSpin Ceramic Hybrid Bearing. This bearing is exclusively made and tested by NobleSpin to ensure premium quality. Each hand spinner is precision machined using top of the line CNC machines for perfectly balanced spinners. They are then sanded and polished by hand. Finally, a high gloss protective finish is then applied. All NobleSpin performance spinners are treated with exceptional titanium finishes.

The precision ceramic balls are made in Japan, Nylon cages in the USA and Stainless races in Germany. All parts are hand-assembled by expert technicians. These spinners really are the definition of premium with spin times of 4 minutes quite common! Each NobleSpin hand spinner is CNC precision machined for perfect balance. They're then sanded and polished by hand. Finally, a high gloss protective finish is added and the performance spinners are treated with exceptional titanium finishes.

The STAINLESS GOLDEN VIRTU™ measures 52mm and features a gold titanium plated stainless bearing cap and has a high gloss stainless finish and are packaged in a beautifully branded presentation box. The GOLDEN VIRTU™ also measures 52mm and boasts a gold titanium plated stainless finish with a high gloss stainless finish bearing cap. Average spin times are around 3-4 minutes. Out of the box, the folks at NobleSpin got over 2 minutes - see the video below! The bearing over time will “break-in” and improve the spinning time.

Tips to care for your spinner From NobleSpin: We only recommend using a hair dryer for cleaning. Each spinner is made with a dry bearing, which means there will be a small amount of noise and it will not spin completely smooth out of the box. The spinners do not require regular cleaning maintenance, as the bearing caps will prevent most pocket lint and debris from clogging the bearing. We only recommend cleaning the bearing with a hair dryer if you have noticed a significant difference from when you first received the spinner, as there is potential for the bearing to get dirty over time. We do not recommend other cleaning methods because compressed air (which contains small amounts of water vapor), solvents and oil all greatly reduce spin times. If you do not care about the spin time of the spinner, adding a lubricant will make the bearing silent and spin completely smooth. We are still experimenting with options but again, do not recommend doing this, as spin times will reduce greatly (30 seconds or less) and we are uncertain of how this may affect the lifetime of the bearing.  

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