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Memento Playing Cards: Black

Price: £11.99

"An historically inspired deck of playing cards designed by Valerio Aversa and printed by The Legends Playing Card Company"

Memento Playing Cards

  • Printed by Legends, Memento is printed on Diamond Finish paper, traditionally cut with the ultra smooth edges Legends have become known for. 
  •  Illustrated by Valerio Aversa, Memento is a unique playing card deck inspired by the history of playing card design.
  • The tuck is simply beautiful, with debossing and silver foil element - it is very elegant and feels beaitufl to hold. Made from the same thick, sturdy stock used for our origina LUXX decks.
  • The Memento Deck refocuses the art of card design to its very roots. The emphasis is twofold, the historical figures traditionally portrayed in the playing cards we all know and love, and the symbolic meaning of each suit. The standard court cards of today trace their design roots back to the 16th century. The individuals portrayed on each card are figures of historical significance, heroines and heroes from antiquity, biblical sources and latter European history such as Charlemagne and Julius Caesar.
  • The respective suits have been laid out according to specific geometric rules and practices to ensure symmetry and elegance. The suits themselves, where possible, have been mirrored in line with the court cards. This was something that was done to create a unique, beautiful uncut sheet - and it means the cards will be boxed in an usual order. They have not been shuffled or used, you can be assured! 
PrinterLegends Playing Card Company
MaterialPremium Card Stock

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