Knucklebone Skill Toy

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Knucklebone by AroundSquare is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands, to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate.


The brass and steel versions are both heavy, and carry a fair bit of momentum. The weight gives it a substantial feel, and the brass material is somewhat grippy, particularly if the hands are moist. The weight and grippiness are variables that affect play, and each material seems to be suited to different kinds of tricks. The brass version is laser etched with the word "a r o u n d s q u a r e" around the equator. The weight and hard material mean it will make a loud noise when it is dropped on hard surfaces, and has the potential to break things in its path. Be careful with it. The is a little softer than the steel, but both will still show scratches and dings on the drop portions (see photo with original prototype for reference).. it falls with weight, so it hits concrete hard. 

Brand AroundSquare
Type Skill Toy
Material Brass Or Stainless Steel