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AroundSquare Concept Deck

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Aroundsquare's Concept Deck is designed exclusively for cardistry. The v1 deck originated as a "proof of concept" back in 2016.

AroundSquare Concept Deck

The goal was to break convention by dropping the traditional design language of playing cards, and to imagine a deck that functioned as a single unit of reconigurable art--one where the entire printable surface is dedicated to creating opportunities for new and interesting visual displays. The bold geometric patterns, contrasting colours, and borderless design make for striking displays during flourishing, and endless possibilities for fanning patterns and table spreads.

The v2 Concepts are printed by the United States Playing Card Company and do not feature traditional faces, much like other cardistry decks such as those from NDO, the concept deck is really only useful for cardistry only. 

PrinterUnited States Playing Card Company
MaterialPremium Card Stock
Aroundsquare was established in 2008 by progressive education specialist Matt Hiebert, PhD. The company has won numerous awards for its design-oriented toys, and has made a name for itself developing and popularizing unique skill toys with an emphasis on clean design and exceptonal quality.

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