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Grid Series One - Typographic Playing Cards

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Poker playing cards inspired by international graphic design styles; a unique typographic playing experience.

Grid Series One - Typographic Playing Cards

The first in a series of three designs, I have created this deck to encapsulate the characteristics behind the International Typographic Style, or 'Swiss Style' graphic design. Focusing on how each card can be displayed through text, but also making sure to have the fundamental values required for series card users, the design has been through a long process of testing and tweaking to find the right combination of style and substance.

The power in the detail.

The cards have each their own details that change, it is with these I wanted to created multiple ways to read the card and also for style variation. It also allows the cards to be held in different ways, should the user want to only see the top of the card, left, bottom, right or fan, variety is key.

DesignerLuke Wadey
PrinterUnited States Playing Card Company
MaterialPremium Card Stock

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