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EDGE Dominos

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A stunning contemporary 28 piece set Designed by Andrew Perkins in 2015 and originally funded on Kickstarter. 

EDGE Dominos

Edge Dominos maintain the traditional number pattern but innovates by using durable aluminum with no material wasted. Travel-size and light weight, Edge works just as well on-the-go as it does around the home. The black anodised finish and laser engraved number pattern will ensure that your set will be played for generations. Minimal and unexpected, Edge Dominos brings new life to a classic game.

Edge Dominos are made differently from any other domino set. Every tile is extruded from a solid block of aluminium - which is a process that produces absolutely no waste and is 100% recycled. The metal flows into shape, is then cut to length and finished with a durable matte black anodised coating. Each unique number pattern in the 28 piece set is laser engraved onto the tiles creating bright, white and everlasting dots. The result is a quality domino that looks great with a stunning black black finish. 100% Made in the USA, this set is complete with branded cotton carry bag. 

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