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Arcana Tarot Playing Cards

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"Intricately drawn, stunningly unique. Arcana Playing cards blend the traditions of standard playing cards with the secrets of the Tarot."

Arcana Tarot Playing Cards

  • Absolutely gorgeous, the Arcana Taro deck is a great mix of the tarot and standard poker deck. 
  • The Arcana deck is a standard poker size deck with 4 additional tarot cards. 
  • Printed at USPCC, these cards feature a beautiful natural pearlised tuck, with light embossing and a luxurious blue foil on the tuck interior. 
  • This deck is qqually at home in card games or divination readings, Arcana Tarot Playing Cards are stunning pieces of art. 

The Arcana Expansion decks is unique and consists of 28 light and 28 dark lavishly illustrated cards in one deck that are used in combination with Arcana Playing Cards to create full Tarot sets. The Expansion Cards contain light and dark versions of Tarot's Major Arcana (see note below) and are intended to be added to light and dark Arcana Playing Cards (they aren't full tarot sets unto themselves). 1 expansion deck is used with light and dark Arcana Playing Cards to create 2 full tarot sets (1 light and 1 dark). This pack of expansion cards does not include The Fool, The Lovers, The Tower, and the original Death cards. Those are included in the light and dark Arcana playing card decks. This pack does however include two jokers, gaff cards, and the remaining Major Arcana cards.

To be clear, the expansion deck is only really useful for those that already own the white and black decks. A total of 2,798 expansion decks were printed.

DesignerChris Ovdiyenko
BrandDead On Paper
PrinterUnited States Playing Card Company
MaterialPremium Card Stock

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