White Lions Playing Cards: Tour Edition Red

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The White Lions Tour Edition is the final version of the White Lions. David has now perfected it with loads of hidden features for you to discover, making it a great deck for the seasoned professional and beginner. Breathtaking in their simplicity, the Black Tour Editions are two of four beautiful additions to the White Lions family.

In 2017 David embarked on his first-ever North American tour, and on stage only the best is good enough. During his entire North American tour David has only used this deck, and it is by far his favourite for performing. As the numerous online reviews attest to,

White Lions are World famous for the way they handle. This will be evident the moment they will touch your hands. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started, these are the decks for you. The box design includes silver foil stamping, detailed embossing, and a beautiful matte white finish. The cards themselves are printed on the highest quality stock to produce a feel so good you don’t want to put them down. Their premium texture and incredible durability make them perfect for performing or practicing. And there are many hidden magic features built into the design for you to discover. The perfect everyday deck.


David Blaine


US Playing Card Company


Premium Card Stock



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