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Cubble Dice

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"CUBBLE - Perfectly balanced D6 metal dice! Crafted with love and awesomeness for your tabletop games!"

Cubble Dice 

The creator of Cubble Dice is a former architect, and currently works as a product and graphic designer. After seeing and backing various projects on Kickstarter he decided to start his own - the result, the gorgeous Cubble Metal Dice.He says, "Cubble Dice were born from my obsession with dice and odds. There’s nothing more enjoyable in a game than that emotion when you’re rolling the dice and you wait to see the outcome."He used traditional dice was used as a starting point and took simple architectural concepts and techniques to implement modern elements into these retro-clean dice. This simple idea, resides in a complex concept, beautifully integrated into a new design.

The concept for these metal dice is to take the old boring regular design, and convert each number into simple shapes. As you can see on the photos, each number from 1-6 has a different setting, based on the corresponding number. The cool part is these numbers are all connected via custom CNC engraving. Where the pip line of one number, continues on a adjacent face of the dice to create a nice look and feel.

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