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Cardistry Touch Playing Cards: Origin Edition

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The first deck crafted from scratch for cardistry. After 2 years of research and hard work in close collaboration with Cartamundi, we finally found what we were looking for.

Cardistry Touch Playing Cards: Origin Edition

The Origin cardistry deck features a unique geometric design that will make your deck stand out from all others. A Single design is repeated on each card for an enhanced cardistry experience. So why is it better then all the other playing cards out there? Well, because they’re not playing cards anymore.

With one single purpose, this object is now the perfect tool for cardistry.High-end techniques and top quality expertise to live up to the picture we had in mind. Our design is perfectly centred and the thin borders on the backs make a clear distinction between packets, for cleaner cuts and displays.

The deep colours and crisp contrasts, only possible with the latest technology in offset printing, really make the design pop out. With a premium card stock with a softer finish and a new varnish, smooth and killer registration - this deck compromises of 51 cards only, as they discovered 'an odd number of cards makes faro moves easier, as you can shuffle one half into the other while maintaining total control.'
BrandCardistry Touch
MaterialPremium Card Stock

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