Nova Plexus Puzzle: Limited Edition Stainless Steel

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The Nova Plexus is a self supporting structure made from 12 identical, precisely made, stainless steel rods. We first learned about it in 1994 after reading about it in Jerry Slocum's book "The Book of Ingenious and Diabolical Puzzles"

Geoff Wyvill designed Nova Plexus and originally intended to make a limited edition of 500 made from quarter inch stainless steel. He made 26 in 1978 and then moved to New Zealand making no more. 40 years on Two Brass Monkeys have worked with Geoff to complete the limited edition

Each purchase includes a stainless steel copy of the Nova Plexus puzzle sculpture, a laser engraved, uniquely numbered, anodised aluminium certificate of authenticity and a high quality postcard with a letter from Geoff explaining the history of Nova Plexus. Also included are some handy rubber bands to help with assembly of the puzzle.

Please note that whilst this puzzle sculpture does not come with a solution, the story card does includes a link to a video showing the Nova Plexus being assembled by Geoff.

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