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Ball Puzzle

A beautiful interlocking mechanical ball shape puzzle made of 12 unique pieces. The aim is to take t..

3 Piece Pyramid Puzzle

The 3 piece pyramid puzzle is sure to capture your imagination as you try to rebuild the triangular ..

Aramas Puzzle

Challenge yourself with one of Kubiya's most unique and difficult construction puzzle structure!. Th..

Seventeen Puzzle

Assembly puzzles can challenge even the most experienced puzzlers. The Seventeen puzzle takes it to ..

Brain Storm Puzzle

The handmade Brain Storm is an interesting variation on the classic Soma Cube. The Brain Storm is ma..

Rolling Ball Puzzle

This beautiful, high quality, handcrafted wooden Rolling Ball is a refreshing return to the toys of ..

Cylinder Cube Puzzle

The Cylinder Cube is a beautiful wooden construction puzzle piece and a challenging mechanical puzzl..

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