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Curvahedra Puzzle Ball

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The next generation of puzzle is here... Art Meets Puzzle! Curvahedra contains twelve identical mylar pieces.

Curvahedra Puzzle Ball

Introducing a new and unique type of puzzle called Curvahedra. Curvahedra gives you all the fun of a good challenging puzzle along with the freedom to explore and create your own unique and beautiful pieces. Over two years were spent exploring new challenging puzzle designs, finding the best materials and creating a new patented easy to use connector.

One set of our Curvahedra Ball contains twelve identical mylar pieces that are durable enough to put together and take apart many, many times. You can start by trying to make the ball and then explore different things you can make with the pieces by connecting them in new and creative ways.

Buy 2 or more sets and explore how to weave and connect Curvahedra together. 

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