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Pr1me Arte Playing Cards

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"Inspired by some of the greatest masters of painting, ARTE is a tribute to those big painters."

Pr1me Arte Playing Cards

The aces and court cards show how classic artists like Manet, Caravaggio or Picasso would interpret each card and the numbered cards are standard. 

  • CLUBS: 
  • Ace of clubs: Inspired by Klimt 
  • King of clubs: Inspired by Tiffany 
  • Queen of clubs: Inspired by Mucha 
  • Jack of clubs: Inspired by De Lempicka
  • SPADES: 
  • Ace of spades: Inspired by Manet 
  • King of spades: Inspired by Van Gogh 
  • Queen of spades: Inspired by Gauguin 
  • Jack of spades: Inspired by Munch
  • Ace of diamonds: Inspired by Dalì 
  • King of diamonds: Inspired by Kandinsky 
  • Queen of diamonds: Inspired by Picasso 
  • Jack of diamonds: Inspired by Magritte
  • HEARTS: 
  • Ace of hearts: Inspired by Caravaggio 
  • King of hearts: Inspired by Raffaello 
  • Queen of hearts: Inspired by Botticelli 
  • Jack of hearts: Inspired by Michelangelo
  • JOKERS: 
  • The Jokers: Inspired by Magrà (Massimo Gramiccioni)
  • BACKS: 
  • The Backs: Inspired by Da Vinci