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Mana Playing Cards No.3: SYBIL Livida

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"This is not just a color change of the original Silver Oracle deck. This deck has evolved into something altogether new, special and unique. We decided that this would not be an Oracle deck, but rather something that was inspired by the spirit of the Oracle and thus Mana No.3 was born. Introducing...Sybil..."

Mana Playing Cards No.3: SYBIL

  • To many magicians and cardists and even some collectors, "Sybil" is synonymous to the famous card flourish that has become the basic foundation to many cardistry techniques today. It was the inspiration to the Oracle Cut created by Erik Mana when the Oracle deck was first launched. And you can see the Oracle Cut being performed in the Joker card of the Oracle deck. In ancient times oracles went by a different name...Sybil. Sybils were know as prophetess and were regularly sought out for divine advice. Playing cards too have divine elements and have been used in divination and magic for centuries, which is why the Oracle & Sybil decks will always have a special kinship in it's design.
  • One of the most talked about elements of our original Silver Oracle was the combination of silver and black inks while incorporating the white ornamental flourish design. This combination of form and function gave a brilliant 3D effect when light reflected at a certain angle. It was an effect that we could have only hoped for during our design process, but when we saw the actual effect come alive, we knew we created something very special and unique. 
  • Sybil brings that special silver 3D effect back with a more enhanced finish by EPCC and now it comes in gold and platinum. We also have new design elements from back to face to box. A completely new deck with the spirit of the original Oracle flowing in its vines. 
  • A few of the features include an enhanced flourish back design, a new frame design with thinner borders, custom courts and mew jokers. Embossed and foil stamped tucks designed especially for this deck, complete with a side opening seal.