1864 Saladee's Patent Playing Cards

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For over 500 years people used playing cards without indices in the corners. Then on February 9, 1864 Cyrus W. Saladee was issued a United States Patent, No. 41,587 to print numbers, suit symbols, letters, and miniature playing cards in the corner of a playing card. The patent was purchased by Samuel Hart and he put Saladee's name on the deck and Ace of Spades. The rare piece of history is known as the Saladee's Patent Deck. Others eventually started to print indices, as we see in the Squeezers and Triplicates which began production 12 years later in 1876.The standard consists of a Regular Tuck Box with poker size cards printed using Linen Casino Grade Stock and a Standard Poker Size. 

The limited edition features Long Tongue Tuck Box with poker size cards printed on Linen Casino Grade Stock, these decks feature a numbered seal and are limited to 1864 decks. The Original Release feature Linen Casino Grade Stock poker size cards with a Velvet Finish. Each deck is wrapped in paper and includes 2 numbered stamp seals, this deck is a limited edition run of 864. All decks were printed in China. 

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