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Celestial Playing Cards

Price: £19.99

Celestial is the latest Encarded limited release is in production. Only 1000 individually numbered red decks are available and Celestial will never be reprinted.

Celestial Playing Cards

Celestial was inspired by the astronomical instruments of ancient times, the charts of the sky and the limitless bounds of imagination. Featuring a rich red back with a purposefully simple and bold design, Celestial incorporates dynamic edge detail that looks amazing in fans, while the stark white design lines catch the eye and are perfect for cardistry. Like all Encarded decks, the faces are custom yet familiar and perfectly playable.

The Celestial Red box features the Encarded details you've come to expect, with both pearlescent white and metallic red foils, detailed embossing and a custom numbered seal on the back, allowing you to open the deck without destroying the seal. Each of the 1000 decks printed by EPCC (on Classic Stock) is individually numbered with a custom foil seal.

Encarded, founded by designer Paul Carpenter in 2011, is dedicated to exploring new ideas in playing card design. Initially funded by the amazing Kickstarter platform, Encarded strives to make beautifully usable decks that any card collector, cardist or magician would be excited to have. Encarded projects are highly coveted by collectors and have become known for their intense attention to detail, innovative visual features and unique motifs that make each deck release an exciting new experience. 

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