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Voltige Playing Cards

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"After over two years of production, you can now wander down the Champs-Élysées with a pack of our Voltige playing cards in hand. Designed in collaboration with Henri de Saint Julien & Jacques Denain, the creators behind Tungstene, a deck that’s become not only a rarity, but a paragon in the collections of those lucky enough to own a pack. We are confident that in the same way as its fabled predecessor, Voltige will quickly become a modern classic."

Voltige Playing Cards

  • Volltige, a name stemming from the french word for “aerial” often used to describe the apex gesture of a flourish, is a true testament to our creative ingenuity and drive to constantly push the boundaries of custom playing cards.
  • Each deck features a design that’s innovative, modern, and exceptionally bourgeois.
  • The back design is a display of two separate hands working in tandem to reach a singular goal.
  • Designed in France and printed by the United States Playing Card Company - this is the second edition which is housed in a traditional tuck rather than the first edition which was a sideways opening box.