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Violet Luna Moon Playing Cards

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Inspired by the blinking star in the night sky. The iconic card case designed to light up your collection. Limited Edition of 2500.

Violet Luna Moon Playing Cards 

Six months ago, Luna Moon was sold out in 24 hours. This time, we broke our own record. Esther Star was completely sold out in 19 Hours. We are so appreciative of all the excitement and support from our backers and we are beyond excited to bring out our stretch goal! Introducing: the Violet Luna Moon.

The Violet Luna Moon is limited to 2500 sets, and this will be the Last Edition and the only other edition of the Luna Moon. No more reprints and No more Future Edition for Luna Moon.

In the stillness of the night, when you look up at the starry sky, you will find that countless stars illuminate the entire galaxy. Only at this time will we realise that human beings are so small. Although the stars are not as dazzling as the sun and the moon, they symbolise the most precious qualities of mankind: loyalty and firmness.

Violet Luna Moon include two versions: Classic and Luxury Edition. Each Edition is Limited to only 2500 Decks. The latter continues to use the open fan-shaped design of Helius Sun and Luna Moon series, but changes some of the details. The box's regular hexagonal opening is like the starlight, which is bright and tidy, neither dazzling nor bleak.

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