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Dice as we've known them have served us well for 1000's of years. Dots have been the standard way to represent 1 - 6, but there is more than one way to graphically count to 6. It's time for a refresh on the old D6, to make it more interesting and to enhance game play in new ways.

Code + Dice = CoDi

We've created 3 new symbol families (as well as classic dots), each with it's own unique personality, laser etched onto standard-sized 16mm stainless steel and brass cubes. They have a nice, solid feel to them and deliver a long, satisfying roll with surprisingly little effort. CoDi are designed to enhance any game, either to replace the cheap plastic dice that came in the box or add new rule sets by pairing classic dice with additional 'code' dice. CoDi are a fresh, game-changing addition to any dice game.

With CoDi, you can simply replace your traditional dice for a new look or you can combine Classics & Codes to add interesting new rules, functions and features to a traditional 2-die game. 2 classics can be used to determine the number of moves, 2 codes to determine additional features of your choice. You can mix Stainless and Brass in the same game as well - the possibilities are endless!

Each purchase is for two dice, one brass and one stainless steel. 

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