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VIZAĜO Playing Cards

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54 custom playing cards with original and colourful artwork by Annette Abolins. A deck for you to enjoy and cherish. Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.

VIZAĜO Playing Cards 

Welcome to VIZAĜO - a vibrant and fully custom illustrated deck of playing cards, celebrating colourful faces and traditional art mediums. Influenced by wood-cut and line-drawing techniques, the original artwork features stunning faces throughout the deck. I am seeking your help to take the final step and have this deck exquisitely printed by Legends Playing Card Co. I hope you will enjoy and cherish these cards as much as I loved creating the artwork.

The artwork is influenced by traditional lino/wood-cut and contour line-drawing techniques (inspired by my range of whimsical teapots). Each suit has a distinct palette, where colour is used to connect and define. Colours shared between the palettes allows your eye to move across the cards and visually connect the deck as a whole. 

Queens & Jacks are portrayed in bold lines and vibrant colour. Clear indices are well suited to play and there is a subtle nod to familiar (standard) court faces in the direction each court character is gazing. Continuing the theme of faces, each Ace is dressed in colours matching the court and number cards of its suit. The large suit symbol acts as a frame and a window to the artwork portrayed within. The four Aces Ace cards create a visual bridge between court and number cards, connecting the colour palette associated with each suit.


Faces in profile bring colour and detail to VIZAĜO's original custom pips, while retaining the shape of the traditional symbol. Balance and subtle symbolic meaning define the 'direction' of these faces: 

  • Spades look forward - towards sight & wisdom 
  • Diamonds look back - overseeing home & stability 
  • Clubs look forward - initiating innovation & action 
  • Hearts look back - harbouring love & emotional connection. 
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