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Untitled V2 Playing Cards

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"I've always had a fascination with abstract art, it's raw and unconventional. I really wanted to portray that in this deck. Untitled Playing Cards offers a freedom from constraint, pursue your creativity." - Adam Borderline

Untitled V2 Playing CardsA limited run of 2500 abstract art pieces. 

This art will never be reprinted. Untitled V2 'Reflections' is a journey into the mind of an artist.

The reflection of self. It began with a painting, then photographed and mirrored 4 times.

Throughout the design are hidden meanings relating to the topic of reflection and art. The hearts 2-10 have one pip enhanced to incorporate the back design. However, the AKQJ have been left unaltered. This signifies that the untitled ones, born from nothing, have nothing. The court cards were often used to resemble royalty. The Ace of Spades has been enlarged and incorporates the back design, with a faint Untitled logo beneath it. To maintain a consistent colour palette of the deck, the standard blue from USPCC has been removed, leaving just red, yellow and black.

DesignerAdam Borderline
PrinterUnited States Playing Card Company
MaterialPremium Card Stock

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