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Sumi Playing Cards - Limited Edition Twin Set

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Designed in Japan. A homage to Wabori, the traditional Japanese tattoo art form. Transforming this art form into playing card style.

Sumi Playing Cards

The Sumi Playing Cards faithfully emulate the iconic elements of ukiyo-e, fantastical mythological creatures, and Heroes of the Marsh to forge a visual playing card masterpiece like no other. A masterpiece bursting with symbolic significance at every twirl of the cards. The card back features the nature motifs in a composition of Mandara with the frame.

  • Ace of Spades - Dragon (龍), lightning & sakura 
  • Ace of Clubs - Lion/shishi (唐獅子), smoke & peony 
  • Ace of Diamonds - Phoenix (鳳凰), fire & lotus 
  • Ace of Hearts - Carp (鯉), water & maple leaf

A Limited Edition. Made In Taiwan and printed by the Expert Playing Card Company on Damask Finish Paper Stock.

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