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Pearl Playing Cards

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Inspired by the beauty of nature. There are two versions of Pearl Playing Cards: Sunrise and Sunset

Pearl Playing Cards

As "Impression, Sunrise" is a famous painting of the impressionism master, Monet, the Pearl Deck reminds us of the same style. That's why these decks are named Pearl Playing Cards: SUNRISE, and Pearl Playing Cards: SUNSET. These cards show a vivid colour combination of Mother Nature with the impressionism theme. It's a varied version of SUNRISE

Various aspects of Pearl were tested such as paper stocks for the tuck box, colour rendering of designs, metallic inks, and finish of the cards. All these make Pearl one of a kind. The tuck box is made of specially imported paper stock, which shines like a real pearl! For Sunrise, the tuck box is gold foiled. Gold and bright-red metallic inks are applied on the face of the cards. On the other hand, for Sunset, the tuck box is bronze foiled, and bronze and dark-red metallic inks are applied. 

Besides the difference of colour rendering, the touches of the cards are different, too. Sunrise is made with Magic Finish, which makes the cards more slippery and shining, and easy to fan. Sunset is made with Royal Finish, which is less slippery and suitable to apply fan powder to. Each deck has its merit, so it depends on what sleight or flourish you wish to use. 

Artwork is by Toomas Pintson of GEMINI decks - an Estonian card flourisher and designer. Printed in Taiwan by Hanson Chien Production Company. Limited to 5000 decks.

DesignerToomas Pintson
PrinterHanson Chien Playing Card Company
MaterialPremium Card Stock

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