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Handmade in Japan by puzzle experts, crafted using the finest keyaki (zelkova) wood. The Karakul Small Box series has been produced for nearly 2 years, however the research and development for these gorgeous Karakul puzzle boxes and others stretches back over a decade. These miniature boxes are a great introduction to Karakuri puzzle boxes (which simply means they have require a series of moves to open, an unusual 'mechanism') as they are relatively easy. They are definitely not for seasoned puzzlers or those looking for a challenge. Boxes 2 and 3 measure 42 x 47 x 60  mm, box 2 is made from cherry and magnolia and box 3 oak and magnolia. 

Boxes 4 and 6 measure 48 × 48 × 42 mm, box four is made using keyaki (zelkova), which is native to Japan and is a popular wood traditionally used for premium furniture. Box 6 is made using premium walnut. 

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