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Logifaces Desktop Game

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An Analogue Game For Digital Minds, LOGIFACES is an award winning Geometric Game


There is only one rule to the game: Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface with this set of hand-poured concrete prisms! LOGIFACES can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns.

LOGIFACES can be arranged in millions of variations. It allows your imagination to reign free to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms, while complex geometries become comprehensible, in a real, non-virtual space under your hands.

LOGIFACES lets you train your mind, boost your creativity and challenge yourself and your friends. The 16-piece set contains 11 different types of prisms, each of them dentifiable by the height of their three vertices. These heights can be 1, 2 or 3 units.

Find solutions to create an equilateral triangle and many others, LOGIFACES is suitable for adults and children of all ages and is a great family game. The prisms are created from a special concrete recipe in three cool colours - Ash, Basalt and Marble. Each purchase is for a 16 piece set, each individual piece varies in size but is anywhere from 

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