Kyle's Kinetic Sculptures: Balancing Man

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Phenomenal handmade kinetic sculptures by Kyle's Kinetics. Since starting 7 years ago, Kyle has taught himself how to produce these works of art and has refined his skills with each release. We're proud to be adding these to our collection of kinetic perpetual motion sculptures. 

The process starts with raw stainless steel rods and bars. Each piece is carefully welded, ground, shaped, polished and balanced by hand. When tighter and more intricate bends are needed, Kyle use's an extremely hot-burning acetylene gas torch, and finally each piece is then cleaned and polished by hand. Read more about the process here.

Once complete, the final work is to ensure that the pieces balance successfully, a process that Kyle has learn is complicated and nuanced. The video below is a visual treat for those wishing to learn more about the process in making these kinetic sculptures by hand. 

The classic balancing man is the foundation of Kyle's work. A simple design made of solid stainless steel. A great option for those that don't want a theme for their sculpture and just want an excuse to have a premium handmade balancing sculpture for their desk.




Kyle's Kinetics


Stainless Steel


127mm x 203mm

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