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KROM brings you exclusive walnut versions of the HEADSHOT PRO MODS - with a full walnut ken and a maple/walnut laminated tama. 

The walnut allowing an otherwise beefy shape to be normal in weight and the laminated tama making a high percentage of the kendamas is solidly weight matched.

Features include a base cup warp hole, KROM 20% scope, 23.5 mm bevel and KROM mini bearing. Constructed using full hardwood pieces and including LOL clear super sticky coating. Designed by Thorkild May & the KROM PRO team. 

KROM Kendama was born to fulfil the vision of producing the most high quality kendamas in the world. Since then the company and global kendama community has grown and allowed KROM to spread and travel the entire world.

Founded and owned by Thorkild May, 2014 world champion kendama player and Philip eldridge 2x European champion from their passion for the ancient japanese traditional kendama play mixed with a playful street culture. KROM HQ is placed in Copenhagen, Denmark. From here all global operations are managed and the local players have their own kendama training facility.

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