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JONES Playing Cards

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JONES Playing Cards

The long and much anticipated evolution of the already legendary WhiteKnuckle decks released back in 2009 are finally available.  These much improved JPC decks are the direct result of ten years of extensive, meticulous, and progressive development and refinement.  Not only a must have for any serious card collection, but also a very real and viable alternative for any game player, card manipulator, or sleight of hand enthusiast looking for a new favourite deck.

The design plan from the very beginning was to recreate the genre of standard English playing cards to be not only much better aesthetically than what has come before but also much improved functionally with the use of subtle colour coding, much more lifelike courts and painstakingly considered composition, proportions and detail on every single card in the deck. All coming together to raise the bar on playing card deck design to a previously unimagined level, while also maintaining the overall familiar feel and ease of use of a 'standard' deck of cards.

There are two face design versions: the JPC Standard Colour deck, which although still very much a traditional "red and black" deck, utilizes the whole color spectrum throughout the entire deck, and the JPC Standard Ghost deck which uses only red, black, grey and white throughout, creating a very different and dramatically striking feel. Both decks have redback and blueback versions so in this first edition print run there are four decks to choose from.

 All decks are on LPCC's premium Diamond finish cardstock. This beautiful stock is slightly stiffer with a subtle but alluring surface texture and fantastic wear attributes. It's also a much cooler and brighter white cardstock than the previous WK editions which along with the deeper and more intense colour choices, bolder outlines, and much more sophisticated designs and proportions really do separate these decks from the original WK editions in every way. 

The JPC tuckbox designs are as fresh and original as the rest of the deck and marks them as clearly different from the rest of the crowd while still clearly identifying them as standard English playing cards. They are printed on semi-gloss satin finish card, sealed with their own uniquely shaped and designed JPC tamper-proof seals (red for redbacks and blue for bluebacks) and are of course wrapped in tear-strip cellophane for long-term mint-condition for dedicated collectors. 

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