Feel Flux

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The Feel Flux utilises Lenz's Law, drop the magnetic ball into the copper tube and the movement creates a changing magnetic field. The changing field induces an electromotive force which in turn creates electro-currents that flow around. Lenz's Law states that this force is always created in opposition to the object which created it. The faster the motion, the stronger the slowing force becomes. When the ball is still, nothing happens!

Use it as a conversation piece, a zen relaxation tool or an experimental demonstration device. Amaze your friends or please yourself over and over again with this addictive scientific toy. The package contains one ultra-strong magnet ball, one Flux Original copper tube, a pouch and a walnut desktop stand.

The original Feel Flux is made from pure copper and is strictly for use over the age of 14, neodymium magnets are known to be fragile, please read the safety advice found here. 

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