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Whirling Dervish is the first precision spinning top from Vorso that is made fully in-house, from concept design to finish. Available in Stainless Steel, Brass Or Copper and polished to perfection - this gorgeous top is available with either ceramic or ruby contact point. 

The Whirling Dervish is VORSO'S first solid metal top and designed to be beautiful rather than the functional MK1. However the Dervish also features a low centre of gravity and an increased mass than the standard Mk1 top. Created to show off ball-nosed milling, it has a fully milled grip and a milled pattern around the curvy profile of the body, engineered to utilise them all in one machining function of our mill-turn lathe meaning that the Dervish is machined in one operation, this gives the maximum amount of precision and balance possible. 

The grip on the Dervish is specifically designed for high torque converted to RPM, this means that the dimensions of the grip are designed to impart the most amount of rotations into the body of the top, this makes spin launches easier and spin times longer. Spin times will vary depending on your experience and grip, but those with a little experience should easily get 7 minutes or more. 

Each Dervish comes with a signed authenticity card and serial number, 




Brass, Copper Or Steel



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