RODA Gyroscope

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Gyroscopes have been around for a long time. They use a spinning wheel and a housing to show off some mind boggling physics. They seemingly defy gravity by balancing on a pen, or a finger.  There is a lot of science going on behind a gyroscope. Even a hundred years after they came to market, they can still surprise and delight.  
Mechanical Design Labs have added some cool new features to this timeless desk toy.

Expanding it's capabilities and creating a gyroscope that fascinates and educates. We dove into some old physics textbooks and came up with the next generation of gyroscopes.  This is exactly the type of desktop curiosity we love here at JP GAMES. 

The patent pending design of the RODA includes a new way to hold the gyroscope on it's sides. By performing simple hand movements you can control the rotation of the RODA., providing countless hours of fun. 

Precision manufactured out of a polished brass wheel and aerospace grade aluminium, the RODA is built to last a lifetime

We believe there's a geek in all of us, and we exist to create cool gadgets, gizmos, and products that fascinate and educate. Our team has experience ranging from rocket design to nuclear power plant engineering, and we're putting it all into our products.

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